like i said earlier, these boys didn't use to get a long very well
but it seems that since they're home ALL DAY together
they've really had to learn how to get along better
and learn about each other
it's been GREAT

my boys will do anything for a movie night

of course, they have their moments where they don't always get along
and this has to happen
(i don't think brackon is kicking cooper, just caught him at the wrong moment)

and then they are buddies again

and back to playing with one another

cooper is my tender-hearted boy
he ALWAYS shares, if anyone asks for something of his
he's always willing to give a little
and for some reason gray love this about cooper
gray will OFTEN refuse food from me
so he can enjoy it from cooper

i went to check on these boys the other night
and they were cuddling so close you couldn't put a pen between them
i'm glad they love each other.

and i'm glad they're okay with wearing matching clothes :)
do you see their dimples under their eyes?
they got that from their dad!
i remember when i first noticed that on dusty
it made my heart melt!