a little (LONG) trip

 my husband travels A LOT.
around 4-5000 miles a month
occasionally, i'm okay with going with him
even tho i loath the driving
on of his friends blessed his baby in new york
and dusty really wanted to go
it's only 16 hours, he says
so, we went.
the boys do really well driving, unfortunately
we do it too often
but it was fun
about 2800 miles in 8 days
with 3 kids
we made some fun stops
 this was in pennsylvania

the boys weren't too into this so we only stayed an hour
but it was fun to see a few things

 and then we were able to stay at the biltmore in north carolina
it's worth looking into!
we would go back!

i'm not a fancy "eater" so the money was not worth the price
in fact i didn't really even care for it
i'd rather just eat at olive garden
but the sights were breathtaking
look at this huge mansion
it made me realize that life is what you make of it
and if you have a goal
you can reach it if you never give up
others goals are more lofty than mine

i'm glad we were able to go
the boys had fun in the first 20 or so rooms
after seeing 42 rooms, they were ready to be done!!

to the right were the stables
they have shops and restrooms there now

could you imagine living here?

i did learn something about my boys
they like to have things in their place
 the poor little guy had to stay home
do you see how much he loves his bed?!

it was funny, dusty was going to buy him a new bed
and brackon said, "dad, he's just going to tear it apart."


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